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Client Centered

Friends, Family and Finances are the best way to describe me. They are the core of how I live my life and run my practice.

Family: I was raised in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual family in Iran. My mother was American and my father Iranian. We spoke English in the house and Farsi everywhere else. My American grandparents lived near San Francisco, and grandpa worked for the Sheetmetal union. My Iranian grandfather was a doctor and a major philanthropist. My family immigrated to the US after the Iranian revolution.

Finances: In high school, I took business economics and invested in silver bars bought with babysitting money. In university my degree was in business and computers. However, the real lessons in personal finance were learned helping my husband run his car lot business. Where, I did the financing for customers and would watch in amazement as some individuals were brilliant with their money and some were reckless to the point of harming their family.

Client Centered

Friends: I cherish my friends. We entertain and socialize with family and friends weekly. My dear friends JoAnn and Akbar were the reason that I became a financial advisor. Akbar was 20 years older than JoAnn. Our kids are the same age and were inseparable. When Akbar passed away due to cancer, JoAnn lost everything. She moved away, lives off of social security and her brilliant kids never finished university. This tragedy was the catalyst that motivated me to become a financial advisor.

My family is made up of my husband of 36 years, 2 grown boys who have married lovely strong ladies and a beautiful granddaughter. My practice brings financial wisdom to my clients who over the years have become dear friends.

My job is to be your personal financial specialist as you build and manage wealth. In the process, I would like us to become friends.

Client Centered

Client Centered

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.